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How to order your FocOz System

Information on how to order a FocOz camera can be found on this web page.

For information on pricing, deliveries, warranty etc., see below.

Order Online

You can order online. This is probably the quickest way to order your FocOz kit. Click here to find the on-line order form.

Send order form via normal mail

Download the FocOz Order Form (8kB pdf) and fill in quantity and all other fields and then sign the form. Send the signed order form to us. (address, see below). (You need Adobe Acrobat reader to view this form).

Order confirmation

After receipt of an order we will send you a written acceptance of your order in which we also state:

  • Order number
  • Scheduled time for delivery
  • Amount to be paid
  • Account No and Bank information for your transfer
  • Last day of payment

Your payment

The total price for one FocOz camera is SEK 78,200:- (2004) approximately equivalent to USD 10,500 or EUR 8,500 at the moment. VAT is added in Europe (within EU). This is the total price including delivery by air. You have to pay in advance and in Swedish Crowns (SEK). Orders without payment in due time are not valid and will promptly be removed from our order book. Customs and other duties in your homeland are not included and are your responsibility.

Can't answer all questions!

We are very busy with production and other activities related to the FocOz camera at the moment and will therefore be unable to answer general questions via email, fax or snail-mail. Sorry about that.

However, most of the information on the FocOz system is available on our web-pages and we have compiled an extensive frequently asked questions list (FAQ) covering most of the topics related to FocOz technology. The FAQ list is based on our experience from what kind of questions photographers normally ask about FocOz. Read FAQ list. Please read the FAQ before you jump to conclusions about what FocOz is and how it works.


A FocOz delivery consists of:
  • Basic digital camera with standard accessories & USB connection.
  • Basic camera manual plus software (CD)
  • FocOz Manual with recommended procedures
  • FocOz image processing software with hardware key and one year software maintenance included
  • Tele converter, camera pouch and FocOz batteries
  • Storage media 1 GB CF (or CFII) included


We are giving you a regular 12 month guarantee for faults due to defective materials or workmanship. You pay the freight to us and we pay the freight back. No guarantee valid if you have opened the FocOz camera. We may also be able to repair your FocOz camera if you happen to smash it against something hard etc. It shouldn't normally take more than a couple of days to deliver FocOz parcels all over the world and repairs are done in our own workshops. Cost estimates are given, if feasible.

Licence and other conditions

As regards the software: You will accept a standard licence agreement with us, when installing the FocOz image processing software in your computer. This software delivered to you will not work with other cameras. Our conditions are that you are not allowed to copy, multiply or distribute our programs in any shape for other users. We hope you understand this, because we have spent years and lots of money to develop this product for you, so therefore we deliver the FocOz camera with a hardware lock. This precaution will also protect your investment, ensuring that other FocOz users are paying the same "admission ticket" as you are. The FocOz system is furthermore extensively protected by Patents. It means that even certain key features of the camera hardware itself are protected by international patent law and may not be copied or produced without our written consent. FocOz® is a registered trade mark.


Our regular mail address is:

Scandinavian Nightvision AB
Ugglevägen 12
S-181 56 Lidingö

Addresses and complete contact information can be found at our contact pages.

If you are seriously interested in some kind of partnership, licences etc. - please use regular mail or use our web forms.

Customer feedback

It will take you a couple of days to get familiar with the FocOz technique, but we take for granted that you will soon be making some spectacular shots, - to be published somewhere maybe. If you want to, send us a copy of it. Also, please give us your comments and suggest further improvements for the FocOz camera? We have unfortunately little time left ourselves for FocOz photography, - being occupied as we are by this project.

FocOz® is a registered trademark of Sven-Åke Afsenius.

Scandinavian Nightvision AB reserves the right to change terms and specifications without prior notice.

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