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Press Releases

FocOz Awarded "SKAPA" Diploma and Scholarship

Release date October 19, 2004.

Sven-Åke Afsenius and FocOz has been awarded a "SKAPA" diploma and a scholarship at the technical fair "Tekniska mässan" in Stockholm October 19, 2004.

FocOz got the second price in the competition. FocOz is sharing the second price with an invention related to a new optical glass. The winner of the 2004 Skapa award was a cancer treatment system.

The SKAPA award is sponsored by the SKAPA foundation in memory of the inventor Alfred Nobel. The SKAPA award is a Swedish national development scholarship. The SKAPA award is by many regarded as a Swedish inventors championship.

FocOz nominated for the Swedish SKAPA-award, Innovation of the year.

Release date October 18, 2004.

FocOz has been nominated as one of two finalists from Stockholm to the Swedish SKAPA award, a Swedish Invention of the year competition. The winner will be appointed at the opening of the technical fair "Tekniske Mässan" October 19, 2004.

Press release from Almi Företagspartner Stockholm AB. (Swedish)

Introduction of the FocOz system

Release date April 16, 2004. Released through EIBIS.

English text (EIBIS)

German text (EIBIS)

Please note that high resolution images of the FocOz camera as well as high resolution images taken with a FocOz camera can be downloaded from the two links above.

In the Press

Lidingø Tidning

Pages 10-11, November 3rd, 2004. The Swedish local newspaper "Lidingø Tidning". Title: "Uppfinnare fick Skapapriset", (Swedish, "Inventor received Skapa Innovation award").

Lidingø Tidning is an independent local newspaper for Lidingø, a suburban area of Stockholm. Lidingø Tidning was founded in 1910.


Page 10, July 2004. The Swedish monthly magazine "Allt om Digitalfoto" had a full page presentation of the FocOz system. The title was "Oändlig skärpa med svensk uppfinning". (Swedish). (Infinite depth of field with Swedish invention.)

Allt om Digitalfoto is a Swedish magazine focusing on digital photography for professional and amateur photographers.

Svenska Dagbladet

Last page of the business section of the Swedish newspaper "Svenska Dagbladet", June 25, 2004. (Page 20, the business section, paper or pdf version).

Web version of the article, Svenska Dagbladet. (Swedish)

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