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Picture of the FocOz Camera

First FocOz Product

The first FocOz ® camera will be sold in a kit including the camera itself and a software package for processing the images acquired by the FocOz camera.

The FocOz Camera

  • FocOz® Technology
  • Up to 3 differently focused shots, moving targets, moderate speed
  • Up to 8 shots, still life
  • 5 Megapixel sensor
  • 3 X Zoom, 35-105 mm (equivalent 35 mm)

Press here to view the camera from different angles.[NEW]

The FocOz camera has a 5 Megapixel sensor and is capable of taking several differently focused images in a sequence. The focus settings will be selected by the photographer. The images in the sequence will be downloaded to the computer using a USB interface. Using the FocOz software, the photographer can select images and sequences that will be merged into a resultant image with infinite depth of field (1).

Please read the section What is FocOz to learn more about how the camera and software system work.

The FocOz Software

The software package is easy to use and runs on high end computers with up-to-date versions of the Windows operating system.

After you have installed the software, start it. The "Start Helper" pops up and you can press the "New Project" button and select a name for your project. A "project" is a set of images and the necessary information required to make a FocOz image. A project file is created to store the image information and other settings you choose.

FocOz Start Helper window

After selecting a project name you must select the differently focused images. This is done using a standard open image dialog window.

FocOz Select Image Dialog

Let us assume that you have selected two differently focused images. In that case, the main window of the program might look like this:

FocOz Main Window after Selecting Exposures

To process the image set and create a FocOz image, press the "Process" button. Depending on the performance of your PC, this will take some minutes.

A similar FocOz resultant image as processed in the example above, is shown in the download section of this website.

Merging the images is very computing intensive and includes heavy-duty calculations and data processing. Therefore the following hardware requirements apply:

Hardware requirements

  • Intel P4 / 2GHz or AMD XP2000+ or faster processor (2)
  • 512 MB of RAM or more
  • True color (24bit) XGA (1024 X 768) display or better
  • 1 parallel port (LPT) free or only standard printer connected. The parallel port will be used for the hardware key ("dongle") (included). (3)
  • 2 GB free hard disk space (or preferably much more)

Supported operating systems

The software will work on Windows 2000 Professional and XP. (4)(5).

It might work on Windows NT, but this is neither tested nor supported. The software will not work on Windows 95, 98 and 3.1X.

The FocOz software uses advanced copy protection technology, including state-of-the-art hardware keys, to avoid software piracy.


Typical applications of FocOz technology are:
  • Product photography: get all units in focus
  • Extreme super macro: from 3 cm to infinity in focus
  • Nature Photography
  • Portraits: get two or more people in focus even though at different distance from camera
  • Press conferences: get both Blair and Bush in focus simultaneously

Read more on FocOz applications here.

FocOz® is a registered trademark of Sven-Åke Afsenius.
(1) Infinite depth of field: By this we here mean the full range interval from the horizon down to minimum focusing distance of the lens.
(2) Registered trademarks of Intel and AMD.
(3) CD-ROM players, tape streamers, external disks that are connected to the parallel port might interfere with printer port operation making it impossible to get the hardware key to work.
(4) Registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
(5)We would recommend Windows XP Professional over the Windows XP Home Edition.

Scandinavian Nightvision AB reserves the right to change specifications on the products without prior notice.

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